Let us have some fun with Google, Just visit Google.com and follow these steps,,,,

  1. Type ‘Do a Barrel Roll’.  —–  and see Google roll for you.
  2. Type ‘Google Gravity’. —– even Google can’t escape Newton’s Law.
  3. Type ‘Zerg Rush’. —— and kill as many as possible.
  4. Type ‘Google in Space’.  ——  and see how Astronaut’s use Google.
  5. Type ‘Atari Breakout’ in Google Image Search.  —–  and play as long as you want.
  6. Visit ‘elgoog.im’  – The Google Mirror.
  7. Type ‘Google PacMan’. —- and enjoy PacMan.
  8. Type ‘Google Sphere’.

Search for ‘Recursion’ and ‘Anagram’,,,, Beware of spellings mistakes.