Facebook’s engineering team has created some educational videos to demystify the AI myths. The company tells how it’s using AI to make its products better and what courses the students must take to make a career in AI. 

The HBO television series Westworld is being hailed as one of the most exciting sci-fi shows ever made. The show is all about artificially intelligent robots, known as hosts, that have been assigned different tasks in an amusement park created for humans. Before we reach that level of advancement, we need to understand its benefits and how it’s making our lives better than ever. Facebook wants us to realize the same and tell that Artificial Intelligence is influencing all the key spheres of our lives.

The blue network has launched a new campaign that aims to demystify the myths surround AI. The campaign calls it “the backbone of many of the most innovative apps and services of tomorrow”. The company has created a series of educational videos that tell how AI works. These are short and straightforward clips that help you understand this field of computer science in a better way.

For details(including videos), Please read Facebook’s complete post.