Have you ever thought that when you press the power button on your laptop or PC, what happens behind the logo of Windows or Linux?

When we start our Computer then there is an operation which is performed automatically by the Computer which is also called as Booting. In the Booting, System will check all the hardware’s and Software’s those are installed or Attached with the System and this will also load all the Files those are needed for running a system.
In the Booting Process all the Files those are Stored into the ROM Chip will also be Loaded for Running the System. In the Booting Process the System will read all the information from the Files those are Stored into the ROM Chip and the ROM chip will read all the instructions those are Stored into these Files. After the Booting of the System this will automatically display all the information on the System. The Instructions those are necessary to Start the System will be read at the Time of Booting.

There are two Types of Booting 

 1) Warm Booting: when the System Starts from the Starting or from initial State Means when we Starts our System this is called as warm Booting. In the Warm Booting the System will be Started from its beginning State means first of all, the user will press the Power Button , then this will read all the instructions from the ROM and the Operating System will b Automatically gets loaded into the System.
2) Cold Booting : The Cold Booting is that in which System Automatically Starts when we are Running the System, For Example due to Light Fluctuation the system will Automatically Restarts So that in this Chances Damaging of system are More. and the System will no be start from its initial State So May Some Files will b Damaged because they are not Properly Stored into the System.