iOS 10.2ios-10-2-lead

The release of iOS 10.2 brings some important fixes that makes it an essential upgrade. Also it may anger a lot of iPhone owners…

Throughout the testing of iOS 10.2 Apple declined to share any information about what the update contained, something that became a farce. And we know why because there is no attempt to fix the 30% bug in iOS 10.2

iOS 10.2 includes no new user features and really no noticeable changes or tweaks of any kind, at least on the surface. The update’s release notes indicate that it includes bug fixes and improves the security of your iPhone or iPad.

iOS 10.2 raise to wake

  • Just pick up your iPhone and it’ll wake up
  • Notifications don’t vanish when brushing up against Touch ID

Apple redesigned the iPhone and iPad lockscreen, giving us the biggest revision since the first iPhone nine years ago. Slide to unlock is gone and replaced with simple instructions: “Press Home to open.”


Rich lockscreen notifications

  • No need to exit the homescreen for quick reads and replies
  • Works with third-party apps like Uber and Apple Home devices

You’ll see that notifications are broken up into bubbles now and use 3D Touch to show hidden menu actions – just hard press on a calendar invite alert and you’ll be able to accept or decline it.


Clear all notifications button

  • Vanquish all notifications at once with 3D Touch. That’s it.

What may be the best change to iOS 10 notifications is the ability to clear all of your old notifications with 3D Touch. Swiping them away one by one or dismissing them in groups is a time-consuming mess in iOS 9.


Water detection

  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are water-resistant, but all other iPhones are not
  • iOS 10 will warn of possible water damage and provide instructions

Only the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are water-resistant, but Apple hasn’t made a fully waterproof iPhone. So it’s making it easier to avoid potential water damage with the iOS 10 update.


Lockscreen camera and ‘widgets’

  • Slide left to reveal the new spot for the Today widgets
  • It’s not as customizable as Android widgets, but closer
  • Too much empty space when widgets have no content
  • Slide right to reveal the new camera shortcut

It’s easier than ever to flip on the camera with iOS 10 because sliding the lockscreen right (when Control Center isn’t open) automatically transitions to the camera app.

Talk to Siri normally

  • You don’t have to talk like a robot to your robot phone

Two billion requests a week go through Siri, and it’s now going to do “so much more,” according to Apple. With that, they announced that iOS 10 will open up Siri to third-party .Siri.jpg

Apple Maps is way better

  • Look ahead to the next turn without springing back into place
  • Free to pan, zoom and explore nearby points of interest
  • Still can’t compete with the juggernaut that is Google Maps

iOS 10.2 fixes my biggest complaint about Apple Maps – its inability to scroll ahead on a route. Right now, Maps annoyingly springs you back to your current location whenever you try to look anywhere else.

You’ll be free to pan and zoom around the map with the new Apple Maps update and the navigation software is also dynamically zooming in and out of long stretches and complex interchanges.


  • Emojis are three times bigger and it’s easy to replace words with emojis
  • Adds invisible ink, tapbacks, bubble effects, digital Ink and stickers

Messages is introducing rich links within a conversation and a live camera view as soon as you press the camera button. Like emoji’s? You’re going to love iOS 10.2.


A new SOS feature will call emergency services when the iPhone power button is pressed 5 times.You can of course turn this of and it seems to be a feature restricted to a few countries.


Three new snazzy wallpapers have been added in iOS 10.2. The additional options, each of which was used in Apple’s advertising for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, have a black background and floating orb in the middle.

We’re sure they’re designed to bring the best out of the wider colour gamut displays on the iPhone 7, and they do look really good.


  Anything else ?

Nothing huge, but ‘Bug Fixes’ is of course listed so hopefully some of those annoying glitches will have been stamped out.There’s also a new celebration effect in iMessages and star ratings in the Music app.

Nougat 7.1


When google launched Android Nougat, we were excited to deliver even more ways to make Android your own. But the Android 7.1.1, an update to Nougat that showcases more ways to express yourself, along with a handful of other sweet features and improvements to stability and performance. Android 7.1.1 brings many of the cool features of Pixel to everyone

More ways to communicate

Last year we announced a proposal to promote gender equality by adding new emoji that reflect the pivotal roles women play in the world, and represent a wider range of professions for both women and men. We included gender counterparts for emoji that previously only had male or female representation. Now there are female welders and men getting haircuts. Our new set of emoji launched with the Pixel phones and now are available to all devices running Android 7.1. So you can jam like a rock star or explore the galaxy like an astronaut.


Settings Menu

The settings menu of the latest operating system is different and smarter. Users will see suggestions at the top that reminds them of setting up security such as fingerprint scanner, wallpaper change and more. The new settings menu allows users to jump from one settings menu to another with just a quick swipe, which will make navigating through the settings faster and easier.

Data Saver Mode

Smartphone users often use their handsets to browse the internet, check email, download apps and more.

With the new Data Saver mode in Android 7.1 Nougat, users can limit the use of data by their device. When Data Saver mode is turned on, then apps will not be able to access mobile data in the background.


App Launcher

The new app launcher in Android 7.1 Nougat allows users to create app shortcuts. Users have to long-press the app launcher to reveal the app and then tap on the app to reveal the associated shortcuts.

Apps can now define circular launcher icons, but they can be used only on devices that support them.


Multiview Or Split Screen Mode

With Android Nougat, users can split the screen in two and access two apps at once. The novel feature means that customers can keep watching a movie and text at the same time.

Multi-screen view has been available on Samsung and LG re-skin versions of Android but the feature was never built in in Android itself.

The feature would be great for people who use bigger devices. However, customers should note that some full-screen apps such as games are exempt from the feature.


Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a smart personal assistant that Google announced in May this year. Google Assistant is considered to be an extension of Google Now but it can also engage in two-way conversations.

Customers can get answers to many questions such as finding the capital or weather condition of a country of visit. Asking the personal assistant to play music, find restaurants, get directions and more is also possible.


Smart Storage

Storage management can be difficult for many smartphone owners. The Smart Storage feature of Android 7.1 Nougat helps people who want to free space on their device.

It works in the background and automatically removes older backed-up files such as videos and photos, which clears precious drive space. The removed files are still backed up in the cloud, which means customers can use them when required.

Daydream VR mode

Daydream VR mode was mentioned in Android Nougat 7.0. But it is fully functional only in Android Nougat 7.1

For Daydream VR mode, there are two types of Android Nougat phones:

  • Daydream VR ready. The phone is certified for Daydream VR mode. It requires the device to pass some tests. The display should be responsive enough.  And the phone must have sufficient processing power (CPU/GPU).
  • Daydream VR compatible. The phone can be used for Daydream VR mode. But the experience may be not optimal. For example, all current LCD panels cannot meed the low-power consumption requirements. So, currently only phones with LED panels can certified as Daydream VR ready. But for most users, you can still enjoy Daydream VR in decent phones with LCD display.

The Verdict

Android 7.1 Nougat may not be the biggest operating system update we’ve ever seen, but a lot of the changes and improvements are greatly appreciated and improve upon key areas: battery life, notifications control and seamless updates.

If we had to pick out any negatives, we would like to see more customisation options visually, reducing the need for third-party launchers. Even if just to allow you to choose the number of app rows and columns are in the app drawer or on the home screen, that would be a

Overall, Nougat is a great update. But, arguably, the two biggest features are those we cannot yet see: firstly, Google opened it up super early to manufacturers to help them get updates out sooner; secondly, there’s DaydreamVR which is built-in but – since no phones support it yet – we haven’t been able to test it, nor see how good the results of the Vulkan API graphics rendering tool are.

But just because you can’t see all the goodness, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of sweet extras here. Nougat cleans up some of Marshmallow’s underbaked gaps to make for the best and longest-lasting Android experience yet. The most painful point about it might be waiting for your handset to offer the update.