In this blog i will tell 10 command prompt (CMD) tricks that really help you.
Change the Font colour : If you want to change the default black-white colour of CMD, you can change it. You have to open cmd (type cmd in start menu and hit enter) and type 

                        Color ?

The first column is for Background Colour and the second column is for Text Colour.
You have to write the command as 

color (bakground colour)(text colour)

Like Color 0f  – it will turn back to default colour(black-white).

Colour Change Permanently : If you want to save a colour combination permanently, do this-
Open File Location of CMD > Right click on CMD > click on Propertise > go to colors and set as you want.

Click ok and its done. 

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Transparent CMD : You can transparent Command Prompt. Just follow the above method you will find the Opacity Option, increase or decrease as your requirements.

Flush DNS : Flushing DNS is very popular to increase the internet speed. It actually flush the dns cache. Just write the below command on cmd and hit enter.

ipconfig /flushdns

System Info : To know your system information just type systeminfo on CMD.

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Ping Website(s) : To ping any website just type ping (website name), suppose i want to ping so i have to write ping

Driver Query : To check the drivers status just type driverquery on CMD.
Installed Programs : To check the installed application just type wmic product get name on CMD.

History : To check command history just press F7 key.

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IP-Renew : Just type ipconfig /renew to renew your IP-address.
Drive : Just type wmic logicaldisk get name on CMD, it will show your harddisk drive.
   and Type diskpart to show the harddisk partition.
Click Here for the video.
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