Intel 8085 Simulator is an Android Application.

This application allows users to program in machine code(on Intel 8085). It can be useful for students for learning and understanding the working of the 8085 microprocessor.

If you wants to understand how today’s computers works, looking into one of these early processors is worthwhile, especially 8085 and 8085. Learning about these processors also helps to gain more clarity in fields like Computer Architecture, Embedded System and Operating System.

In most of colleges in India, Computer Science students and Electronics students have to go through a course about Microprocessors. In Microprocessors lab, students are provided with 8085 microprocessors and they have to write the program in them in machine code.

This app is more user friendly and it will be mostly used on portable devices(phones, tablets).

Here how to do that,

This app is made by Ankush Bhalotia.