VPNs are an indispensable tool for digital privacy. Sadly not many free VPN providers are trustworthy, secure and reliable. We understand, however, that some people want access to a free VPN for security. That is why we have searched far and wide for the 5 top free VPNs of 2017!


Let’s look in more detail

It is important that you understand that although the free VPNs in this guide are the best free options of 2017, being free makes them somewhat limited and restrictive. For a much better service, check out these VPNs. However, unlike many of the free VPNs available on the market (which can handle your data in an unsecure way, or even sell it on to third parties), these free VPNs are trustworthy, and have been extensively tested by our experts.


SurfEasy, is a Canadian free VPN provider, that is very similar to TunnelBear. Except, of course, that SurfEasy is owned and operate by Opera.
The SurfEasy apps are extremely easy to use, provide you with a solid protection, and we didn’t notice any speed issues on the free or paid plan. The free version provides you with 2GB of data transfer, but you can increase this by recommending the service to friends and family. Their paid plan is, of course, significantly better and pricing starts at a reasonable $6.49/month.
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hide.me is a VPN provider from Malaysia that offers a free plan. Users can choose from 28 servers in 22 countries. Connection speeds are solid and security is great thanks to OpenVPN encryption. Usage is capped at 2GB of usage per month – a pretty reasonable allowance, and certainly enough to get you some privacy when you really need it, or to unblock websites that are currently unavailable.
As with all the free VPNs on our list, this VPN is restricted.  So, if you use the Internet a lot, then you should probably use a non-data capped VPN. With that said, we really like hide.me and feel that it is one of the best all around free VPNs in 2017.
TunnelBear is an excellent free VPN that many people enjoy because of its fun design.
They don’t keep any logs, which makes it great for security. Actually, the company’s privacy policy is really tight – making this a reliable free VPN to use for getting added privacy and security online. Another positive aspect of the free variant is that users are allowed to access all of the VPN server locations on the VPN network. Sadly, you can’t use the free option for any more than 500MB worth of web browsing per month, when the data limit kicks in. However, you can earn a little more by doing some social shares!
Subscribing to CyberGhost free VPN is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the world of VPNs. There is no bandwidth limit, encryption is on par with a premium VPN, and setting up the service takes less than 10 minutes! CyberGhost’s user-friendly desktop app makes connecting to the VPN a breeze.
While CyberGhost Free is great for entry-level VPN users, there are some drawbacks worth mentioning. CyberGhost Free users have advertisements, queues to connect (during peak hours), and limited server locations.
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VPNGate is run by Japan’s University of Tsukuba. It runs on a relay of volunteer computers. The software is open source and receives regular updates to improve it and keep it available for users.
The main reason for the project is to help people that live in locations with strict government censorship. The project also provides daily mirrors to protect users from the main site going down.
Sadly the Uni project won’t allow Peer to Peer, torrenting or other illegal activities. It also keeps logs, and would comply with police investigations if asked. That is why this free VPN is only really for accessing blocked websites, to see news or other information.
Connection speeds can also be a bit iffy, because it is run on volunteer machines around the globe.

 Tor Project

As an extra, we have put the Tor network in our guide. Although it is not a VPN, it is very similar. Tor runs on volunteer relays around the world and runs on open source software. It is highly secure due to layered encryption (called Onion Routing).
It functions by encrypting data as it passes through at least three different volunteer machines or ‘nodes’. Every time data passes through an exit node it is encrypted again, adding another layer of encryption!
When you use Tor, your IP address appears to be that of a volunteer – anonymizing you from the sites that you visit. As there are so many thousands of nodes, there is no known way of identifying users on the network.
The only real drawback of the Tor Project is that it slows down connection speeds considerably. P2P file sharing is not allowed either as it slows down the network too much. All in all, Tor is a fantastic service that is well worth looking into!

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