We can easily Run and Compile C programs on Ubuntu Linux.
just follow below steps to run a compile C Program.

Step 1: Open a Terminal
Search for terminal application in dash tool or simply press ctrl+alt+t to open a terminal.

We have to use a text editor to write a C Program.

Step 2 : Open text Editor
To Open a text editor, just write the below code on the terminal.

gedit hello.c

hello is the file name, you can choose any file name and then put a ‘.c’ and hit enter.


Step 3: Write the Code
Now write the C program here, just like this.


void main()


printf(“\n Hello World \n”);


and SAVE the code and close the editor window and return to the terminal.

Step 4: Compile the Code
To Compile the saved code, just type the below command.

cc hello.c

or we can use –

gcc hello.c -o hello.out

here hello is the file name. If your code is right then it will end up with no errors.

Step 5: Run / Execute the Program
To run the code just type the following code on the terminal.


or we can use –


and you will find the result.