You know the usage of a command, but how to control your keyboard when you have difficulty in either entering or executing the command? You notice some mistakes in the command line and the backspace key does not erase the text. doesn’t log you off, a program goes on running for an hour, and you don’t know how to cancel it. which key do you press then? 

Ctrl + s

Stops scrolling of screen output

Ctrl + q

Resumes scrolling of screen output

Ctrl + d

Terminates login session(Use exit also)

Ctrl + h

Erases text(If Backspace key does not work)

Ctrl + u

Kills command line without executing it

Ctrl + j

Alternative to <ENTER>

Ctrl + m

Alternative to <ENTER>

stty sane

Restores terminal to normal status

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  • The key is used to complete the command line. If this key does not work, you can use either ( ctrl + j ) or ( ctrl + m ).
  • If the Backspace key doesn’t work, use ( ctrl + h ).
  • If you have a terminal that behaves in an erratic manner, use the command stty sane to restore sanity.