1> Search user by name:

For example, you want to search for an account with name ‘Sayan’ the URL would be
The screenshot has been attached.
This API returns the public user details with their profile picture and the share link.

2> Get profile info by referral link
The URL is https://sarahah.com/api/account/info?subdomain=fdsaa

where fdsaa is the referral link.

Copy the userID & check that this bellow line says “true”.

“allowAnonymousMessages”: true

3> The most important “send message” service calls this API:


Now Press ctrl + s …..

4> Go to collection -> Create Collection

5> Click on the arrow on the right side of the folder and select RUN

6> Set the iterations. Iterations is the number of times you want to repeat the hit…

Watch this video carefully

Credit goes to – Sumant Banerjee