Did you know that WordPress.org and WordPress.com are actually two very different platforms? Often beginners confuse the two which leads them to choose the wrong platform. Well I’m here to help you, so let’s start the comparison.

In one word, WordPress.org is free and WordPress.com is a self-hosted version of WordPress.org. The Co-Founder of WordPress.org created WordPress.com, a fully controlled environment. No need to worry the hacks, SEO and much more. In WordPress.com everything is under control by them, but WordPress.org gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want to do.

Let’s talk about the Pros of  WordPress.org –

It is the Real WordPress, that you have heard all the great things about.

  • Most importantly It’s FREE and easy to use.
  • You are the Owner of your site and you have full control on your site, you can do whatever you want to do.
  • You can add any themes and plugins, no need to worry about permission.
  • You can add ads on your site to make money.
  • You can make Online stores with some easy to use plugins.
  • You can build social websites too.

Let’s talk about the Cons of  WordPress.org –

There are few cons of WordPress.org.

  • You are responsible for updates.
  • You will need a web hosting.
  • You are responsible for data backups.
  • You are responsible for Security.

Let’s talk about the Pros of WordPress.com –

The free WordPress.com is a great platform for hobby bloggers.

  • It is free up to 3gb of space. After that, you have to upgrade your free account to Premium one.
  • You don’t need to worry about security, backups, everything is under control by WordPress.com.

Let’s talk about the Cons of WordPress.com –

There are, many things to tell you.

  • You are not allowed to add customize the file.
  • You can’t add themes, third-party Plugins.
  • Your site will display “Powered by WodPress.com.
  • You can’t edit the theme.

So, now you know the difference, make your choice. For me, I’ll go for WordPress.org always……