Super Bowl LII Ad

The date of Super Bowl LII is 02.04.2018 Sunday.

A preview of the commercial Amazon will be showing at this year’s Super Bowl LII suggests that Amazon may be about to bring new voices to its Alexa assistantAmazon is hinting that Alexa will soon gain the ability to speak in different ways starting on Sunday, the same day as Super Bowl LII. In an ad released online Friday, Alexa loses her voice. A panicked CEO Jeff Bezos is then given a less-than-reassuring assurance by an Amazon employee that replacements are ready to go. The ad ends with a flash of Sunday’s date, 02.04.2018.

Amazon recently released a sneak peek at its upcoming Super Bowl LII commercial. The 30-second clip published on YouTube shows a dramatic turn of events starting with a female user asking Alexa about the weather. The digital assistant manages to start its response, but then it coughs and goes silent, causing the Amazon Echo user to worry.

The teaser then cuts to a different scene showing a television reporter announcing, “Amazon’s Alexa lost her voice this morning.” An anxious Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, is then seen approaching a group of his employees while saying, “Alexa lost her voice. How is that even possible?”

Did Alexa Lose her Voice?

But since it’s Super Bowl Sunday and less than a week before the release of Apple’s HomePod, there’s also the chance that this is the precursor to actual new features, and Alexa owners could get new ways to make the AI assistant speak on Sunday.

Fortunately, Alexa did not lose her voice because it’s the flu season. Amazon is simply being dramatic about the introduction of its new voices for the digital assistant. “We have the replacements ready. Just say the word,” an employee tells Bezos in the clip. To this, Bezos responds, ”Are you sure this is gonna work?” The employee then reassures the CEO with a nod.

Alexa can now speak multiple languages, and Amazon has extended SSML tags to Alexa developers to give her a more expressive voice. But unlike Siri and Google Assistant, who both added male options last year, Alexa only has one female voice option available today.