Must have books for Machine Learning FREE

Machine Learning Books are not always so cheap. But we as a student want them for FREE as a PDF. So, I have googled these very well-known books on Machine Learning. Here you will find top Machine Learning books for FREE.

Best Books for Data Science FREE!

In this post, I have listed some well-known books for Data Science. I managed to get it for free from Google Download the PDFs by clicking the images.

Difference Between Data Science and Data Mining

Difference Between Data Science and Data Mining is pretty much complicated and as well as interesting. Data Science is a field that comprises of everything that related to data cleaning, and analysis. Data Mining is the process of gathering information stored in the database that was previously obscure and unknown.

Difference Between Data Science and Big Data

Difference Between Data Science and Big Data is really complicated. Data Science is a field that comprises of everything that related to data cleaning, preparation, and analysis. Big Data refers to humongous volumes of data that cannot be processed effectively with the traditional applications that exist.

Is SHELL needed to be a Data Scientist?

Is SHELL needed to be a Data Scientist? the answer is Yes, SHELL ( Shell is the sleeping beauty of Linux ) is Needed for Data Scientists to get the data and to work with that data. Everyone is busy to Learn R or Python for Data Science, learn Shell for Data Science.

Is SQL Needed to be a Data Scientist?

Is SQL needed to be a Data Scientist? the answer is Yes, SQL ( Structured Query Language ) is Needed for Data Scientists to get the data and to work with that data. Everyone is busy to Learn R or Python for Data Science, but without Database Data Science is meaningless.

Main Difference Between Machine Learning and Data Science

There are not so many difference between machine learning and data science. Machine learning engineers build machine learning systems. Data scientists conduct research to generate ideas about machine learning projects and perform analysis to understand the metrics impact of machine learning systems.

R vs Python – Best One for Data Science?

If you want to be a data scientists, which programming language should you learn? R and Python are the two most popular programming languages used by data analysts and data scientists. But, As a student how to choose the right language? This post is all about that.

Data Science and Its Applications

Data Science is ruling our hearts and minds and obviously the world. Who says data science has limited applications? To begin with Data Science, you have to know what you can do with Data Science. So, this blog is all about the applications of Data Science.

Python and R – Best one for Machine Learning?

As a student, it’s very difficult to choose the Right language to begin with Machine Learning. Learn one language properly, and it will help you to reach one of the top positions. Python and R are the most demanding language in the field of Machine Learning. So, let’s started with that programming languages.

Did Amazon’s Alexa Lost her Voice?

Did Alexa lose her voice? It’s another episode in the competition between Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which has offered multiple voices since last year. Amazon is hinting that Alexa will soon gain the ability to speak in different ways starting on Sunday, the same day as Super Bowl LII.

The New Facebook Malware

Facebook Messenger is affected by Digmine, the new cryptocurrency miner. It uses your computer to mine Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero. Hackers use your processor power to increase the mining.

Top FREE Live Chat Support For Websites

Live chat support is pretty much necessary for bloggers or more likely some IT or Geeky guys. There are several sites which give free Live Chat Support, but in this post, I discussed top 5 rated FREE live chat support Web sites. Check Them Out.

Big Brother (Shell) is Watching

Shell, is the “Sleeping Beauty” of Linux. echo hello world and echo “hello world”, both are different. The space seems to be a special one, and the action taken by the watchdog.

What is Kernel and Shell in Linux ?

The kernel, in traditional parlance, is often called the Operating System. The Shell, on the other hand, is the “Sleeping Beauty” of Linux.

What is Intranet, Extranet & Internet?

An intranet is shared content accessed by members within a single organization.An extranet is shared content accessed by groups through cross-enterprise boundaries.The Internet is global communication accessed through the Web.

How to STOP Sarahah Spam?

you can spam any Sarahah users and now anybody can spam you as well. So, here is how to defeat Sarahah spam.

How to Spam Anyone on Sarahah

You can send messages Anonymously to any Sarahah user many times, you have to know their ID and follow this process to spam.

When Things Go Wrong In LINUX

Commands in Unix when things go wrong. Terminals and keyboards has no uniform behavioral pattern. There are certain Commands to repair Linux.

Intel Core i9 Series

Intel, recently, introduced a  new Intel i9 series and the 18-core core i9 extreme edition at Computex 2017, which was held in Taipei. The i9 series is available in variants like 10-core Core i9-7900X, 12-core Core i9-7920X, 14-core Core i9-7940X,16-core Core i9-7960X...

HTML Cheat Sheet (For Beginners)

Remembering each HTML element off the top of your head at a moment’s notice is impossible. Some seasoned web developers still occasionally use HTML cheat sheets, but not much. But if you’re beginner it’s definitely a great place to start. So instead of falling...

Important Programming Languages for Hacker

Hacking is usually meant to break a code. There are lots of computer languages but few are required for hacking purpose because in most cases it depends upon the target. There are basically three sections ― Web Hacking and Pentesting, Exploit Writing & Reverse...

Run Ubuntu inside Windows 10

 We all are aware that we can run Ubuntu in windows 10 via any virtual machine. But this post isn't about running Ubuntu on a virtual machine. The latest update(s) of Windows 10 lets us run Ubuntu (Linux Environment) natively. This is a very useful update for people...

5 Best Free VPNs – How Reliable Are They?

VPNs are an indispensable tool for digital privacy. Sadly not many free VPN providers are trustworthy, secure and reliable. We understand, however, that some people want access to a free VPN for security. That is why we have searched far and wide for the 5 top free...


Internet Download Manager (IDM) is one of the best resource to download things from the internet, faster and safer. It boosts the download speed by up to 5 times. If your computer were accidentally shutdown, the internet connection lost or any other problem while...

How to enable YouTube Dark Mode?

Dark mode is helps us to work at night. It protects our eyes. If you are using Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you can activate dark mode on YouTube. To do so you have to put a single line code in developer console menu. Make Sure you are running the latest version of...

How to Create A Free Website/Blog On Blogger?

In this post you will learn how to create a free website on Blogger. No need to buy anything to create a website. Just a Gmail account is needed.  So, let's get started. At First Open and Sign In to your Gmail Account. Then You will see the below...

Add OEM Logo to System Information in Windows 10, 8.1, 8.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); OEM Configurator is a nifty tool that lets you edit the system information in Windows. Some of its features include Adding OEM logo  Changing Processor details Add extra information to System Info Changing PC...

Cool CMD tricks

In this blog i will tell 10 command prompt (CMD) tricks that really help you. Change the Font colour : If you want to change the default black-white colour of CMD, you can change it. You have to open cmd (type cmd in start menu and hit enter) and type  ...

10 FREE Android Apps You MUST Download (March 2017)!

Screen Lock & App Lock (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Pin Genie Locker is the most secure lock screen and it is No.1 rated locker on Google Play. The patented PIN pad is the ultimate in privacy and will keep anyone from seeing your PIN,...

How to resolve Apache server problem?

 If you face a problem about Apache server like this(above the image), This post must be helpful for you. Let's start. Read This: How to install wordpress on localhost?   Go to Config of Apache server and select httpd.conf.   We have to edit the file....

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economy of scale, similar to a utility. Example – Amazon EC2(2006).

Intel 8085 simulator

Intel 8085 Simulator is an Android Application. Download  This application allows users to program in machine code(on Intel 8085). It can be useful for students for learning and understanding the working of the 8085 microprocessor. If you wants to understand how...

How to download premium themes & templates for free?

Hello everyone! Today i will tell you how to download paid themes and templates for free... Yes,,It's FREE........ Simply visit and choose any themes or templates which you want to download.  Now select any link and open it . and download...

What is Cache Memory?

The term "Cache" is derived from French, that means " hidden ". In Computers a Cache Memory is a high-speed memory and small in size, not visible to the software, that is totally controlled by the hardware. It placed between main memory and CPU to compensate the speed...

How to use Lmgtfy?

lmgtfy means " Let me Google that for You ".  Lmgtfy first created in 2008. It did one thing, it gave you a tool to teach other people how to use Google's internet search.  But you can choose any of the search engine like bing, Yahoo!, Ask, Aol. etc. Well it...

Why is C programming language called C?

CPL was a British project to create an all-singing all-dancing programming language.  The Common Programming Language was developed in the early 1960s. And the Basic combined programming language(BCPL)  was a smaller language which...

How to Ping the Internet in Linux?

When you need to ping Google to see your Internet status, In Windows you use ping -t but what about to ping in Linux? Today i will tell you about pinging in Linux. I am using Ubuntu 16.04 to ping the internet. At First, open Terminal by pressing ctrl +...

How to Turn On Google 2-step Verification

When you enable 2-step verification, an extra layer is added to your account. You have to enter your mobile number. After logging in, a code sent to your mobile number, you have to put the code to log in. Step 1: Log in to your gmail account. Step 2: Click on the...

How to Edit Protected Files as an Administrator?

There are certain files and folders in Windows that you can only access when you are logged in as the administrator of that computer. Sometimes you are the admin (and the only user) of your home computer and yet, when you try to open some protected file, it says...

How to Block Websites?

Step 1: Click the Start button and select Run( press win key + r ). Now type the following text in that Run box: notepad c:windowssystem32driversetchosts You will see a new notepad window on your screen containing some information. Please read this article before you...

iOS 10.2 vs nougat 7.1

iOS 10.2 The release of iOS 10.2 brings some important fixes that makes it an essential upgrade. Also it may anger a lot of iPhone owners… Throughout the testing of iOS 10.2 Apple declined to share any information about what the update contained, something that became...

How to Connect to a Hidden Wi-Fi Network in Windows 10 Mobile

To connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network you must know its name and password. First go to All Settings -> tap Network & Wireless -> and tap Wi-Fi. And now tap on Manage. On the bottom menu, tap add / plus( + ) icon. The Add Network wizard is opened. Write the...

Hack DNS For Faster Internet Speed

What is DNS? The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network.This was designed because it is very difficult for a human being to learn the digits of an...

DuckDuckGo vs Google Search

DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results.

Why HTML is Not a Programming Language

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications. With Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript, it forms a triad of cornerstone technologies for the World Wide Web. Web browsers receive HTML...

How Computer Boots Up?

Have you ever thought that when you press the power button on your laptop or PC, what happens behind the logo of Windows or Linux? When we start our Computer then there is an operation which is performed automatically by the Computer which is also called as Booting....

How to Repair a Pen Drive?

In this article, I am going to tell you how to repair a Pen drive. I can't format my pen drive just because the capacity shows only 102 MB. Let's start -> First of all open Disk Management(right click to Start menu then go to Disk Management or Right click on My...

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

What is HTTP? HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It allows World Wide Web(WWW) users to transferring information like image, text, video, music, graphic and other files on web pages. HTTP is basically used to access html pages and also other resources can...

How does Google Works (Pagerank) ?

It’s all about Pagerank and Pagerank is all about SEO. A website which has a very good SEO, the site will grow faster because its PageRank will be the 1st on google page ranking.

What is /dev/sda in Linux?

The disk names in Linux are alphabetical. /dev/sda is the first hard drive (the primary master), /dev/sdb is the second etc. The numbers refer to partitions, so /dev/sda1 is the first partition of the first drive.

How to recover missing, lost, or deleted files

Restore from Recycling Bin or Trash If you are running Apple Mac OS or Microsoft Windows and the file has been recently deleted, it may still be in the Trash or Recycle Bin. If present within this area, it can be recovered by right-clicking on the file and selecting...

What is Computer VIRUS?

Virus – Vital Information Resources Under Seize. Though they're not a living thing like us, computers can get "sick" from viruses, too. A computer virus is a computer program that can replicate itself and spread from one computer to another without your knowledge...

Full Form of COMPUTER

COMPUTER - Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade, Education, and Research.  Technically, the term does not have any full form. Computer is essentially derived from the word 'compute', which basically means 'calculate'. It is a device which can...

Fix Ubuntu/Linux Mint Boot And Grub Issues With Boot-Repair

Boot-Repair is around from quite sometime, released under license GNU-GPL and it is great tool to fix the issues with your Grub and Boot, it repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu like when you can't boot Ubuntu after installing Windows or another...

How to Fix Grub Rescue

Grub Rescue is a very normal problem when you delete some partition from Ubuntu. On the very Next booting, a grub rescue has appeared. If you don’t know how to deal with it, RELAX, KEEP PATIENCE, here is the answer how to fix grub rescue.

Amazing Google Tricks

Let us have some fun with Google, Just visit and follow these steps,,,, Type 'Do a Barrel Roll'.  -----  and see Google roll for you. Type 'Google Gravity'. ----- even Google can't escape Newton's Law. Type 'Zerg Rush'. ------ and kill...

Facebook is Teaching Students How Artificial Intelligence Works

Facebook’s engineering team has created some educational videos to demystify the AI myths. The company tells how it’s using AI to make its products better and what courses the students must take to make a career in AI.  The HBO television series Westworld is...

Amazing Facts About Linux

Linux is a kernel and GNU Linux is the OS and it has hundreds of flavors. GNU/Linux, inspired by UNIX, has become the most widely adopted server operating systems out there.

5 Ways To Speed Up a Slow Windows PC

Your Windows PC don’t have to slow down over time. If your PC has gradually become slower over time or it suddenly gets halt after a few minutes of usage, there are  reasons for your PC to be slow. Just like all the general PC issues, you don’t...