Linux Training  @ JISCE

About This Training

This Training is Organized in association with JIS College of Engineering for the 1st year students of Computer Science & Engineering Department.

Panel Teaching

This training will be delivered by Two Young Instructors. It will be more likely Group Study.

Classes & Workshops

There will be Theory and Practical at the Same Time. We’ll tell you, how to solve problems regarding Linux and much more.

Live Demonstration

No Pre-Recorded Videos, no PowerPoint Presentations, Everything will be live in front of you.

Sayan De

Sayan De

3 years of Experience in Linux
Arnab Biswas

Arnab Biswas

3 years of Experience in Linux

How to Install Linux?

We can run Linux in Virtually or Dual-Boot mode with another Operating System.

I preferred Dual-Boot Mode.

We’ll Use Ubuntu 16.04 and you should install the same.