Is SHELL needed to be a Data Scientist?

Is SHELL needed to be a Data Scientist? the answer is Yes, SHELL ( Shell is the sleeping beauty of Linux ) is Needed for Data Scientists to get the data and to work with that data. Everyone is busy to Learn R or Python for Data Science, learn Shell for Data Science.

Big Brother (Shell) is Watching

Shell, is the “Sleeping Beauty” of Linux. echo hello world and echo “hello world”, both are different. The space seems to be a special one, and the action taken by the watchdog.

What is Kernel and Shell in Linux ?

The kernel, in traditional parlance, is often called the Operating System. The Shell, on the other hand, is the “Sleeping Beauty” of Linux.

When Things Go Wrong In LINUX

Commands in Unix when things go wrong. Terminals and keyboards has no uniform behavioral pattern. There are certain Commands to repair Linux.

What is /dev/sda in Linux?

The disk names in Linux are alphabetical. /dev/sda is the first hard drive (the primary master), /dev/sdb is the second etc. The numbers refer to partitions, so /dev/sda1 is the first partition of the first drive.

How to Fix Grub Rescue

Grub Rescue is a very normal problem when you delete some partition from Ubuntu. On the very Next booting, a grub rescue has appeared. If you don’t know how to deal with it, RELAX, KEEP PATIENCE, here is the answer how to fix grub rescue.

Amazing Facts About Linux

Linux is a kernel and GNU Linux is the OS and it has hundreds of flavors. GNU/Linux, inspired by UNIX, has become the most widely adopted server operating systems out there.