What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is just a LEARNING technique for machines or computers. That is the simplest definition you can get. But what is learning? How do you define it?

Learning – the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience or being taught.

Machine Learning – the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience or being taught by a Machine.

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  • Classify Handwritten Digits using Neural Networks
    Classify Handwritten Digits using Neural Networks and Python. Here, you’ll learn to build an ANN and CNN to classify Handwritten Digits with 98% Accuracy.
  • How to Implement AND Function using McCulloch Pitts Neuron?
    How to implement AND function using McCulloch Pitts Neuron? It is easy to implement. In AND function the output will be High if both the inputs are high.
  • What is Activation Function in Neural Networks?
    Activation function in Neural Networks plays a major role. It decides a neuron will fire or not with the help of the Threshold value.
  • What is Bias in Machine Learning(Artificial Neural Network)?
    The Bias included in the network has its impact on calculating the net input. The bias is included by adding a value X0=1 to the input vector X. Hence W0=b.
  • What is Artificial Neural Network(ANN)?
    An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a computational model based on the structure and functions of a biological neural network. ANN is a core part of Deep Learning.
  • Machine Learning Important Terms You should know
    There are many Important Terms in Machine Learning, learn them on by one. Without knowing these thing you know nothing about Machine Learning.
  • Best Computer Vision Course – Sorted
    Find Top Computer Vision Course, No NEED to SEARCH on Google, Choose any course based on their Theory and Practical content.
  • What is Perceptron Learning Algorithm in Deep Learning
    Perceptron Learning Algorithm is an algorithm or a way to train the weights of the Perceptron. This was proposed by Minsky and Papert in 1969.
  • What is Perceptron Explained in a Simple Way
    Perceptron is more general computational model than McCulloch Pitts Neuron. It has Numerical Weights for inputs and a mechanism for learning these Weights.
  • Mcculloch Pitts Neuron Explanation – Simplest Way
    Mcculloch Pitts Neuron can be used to represent Boolean functions which are linearly separable. This is the First Artificial Neural Model in A.I.
  • Top 10 Machine Learning Projects for Beginners
    Top 10 Machine Learning Projects for Absolute Beginners, Pick one-by-one and Learn from them, Solutions are attached herewith.
  • Top 10 FREE Machine Learning Books
    Machine Learning Books are not always so cheap. But we as a student want them for FREE as a PDF. So, I have googled these very well-known books on Machine Learning. Here you will find top Machine Learning books for FREE.
  • Difference Between Data Science and Data Mining
    Difference Between Data Science and Data Mining is pretty much complicated and as well as interesting. Data Science is a field that comprises of everything that related to data cleaning, and analysis. Data Mining is the process of gathering information stored in the database that was previously obscure and unknown.
  • Is SHELL needed to be a Data Scientist?
    Is SHELL needed to be a Data Scientist? the answer is Yes, SHELL ( Shell is the sleeping beauty of Linux ) is Needed for Data Scientists to get the data and to work with that data. Everyone is busy to Learn R or Python for Data Science, learn Shell for Data Science.
  • Is SQL Needed to be a Data Scientist?
    SQL is needed to be a Data Scientist. We have to get the data from databases and to work with that data. Without Database Data Science is meaningless.
  • Main Difference Between Machine Learning and Data Science
    There are not so many difference between machine learning and data science. Machine learning engineers build machine learning systems. Data scientists conduct research to generate ideas about machine learning projects and perform analysis to understand the metrics impact of machine learning systems.
  • R vs Python, which one is better for Data Science?
    R vs Python, which one is better for Data Science, finding the best one is always a heavy task. Python and R both the languages have their own features.
  • Data Science and Its Applications
    Data Science is ruling our hearts and minds and obviously the world. Who says data science has limited applications? To begin with Data Science, you have to know what you can do with Data Science. So, this blog is all about the applications of Data Science.
  • Python and R – Best one for Machine Learning?
    As a student, it’s very difficult to choose the Right language to begin with Machine Learning. Learn one language properly, and it will help you to reach one of the top positions. Python and R are the most demanding language in the field of Machine Learning. So, let’s started with that programming languages.
  • Machine Learning and Its Powerful Application
    Machine Learning Application are everywhere. Each and every tech giants are using Machine Learning for better aplications.