How to use Lmgtfy?

lmgtfy means ” Let me Google that for You “.  Lmgtfy first created in 2008. It did one thing, it gave you a tool to teach other people how to use Google’s internet search.  But you can choose any of the search engine like bing, Yahoo!, Ask,...

How to Turn On Google 2-step Verification

When you enable 2-step verification, an extra layer is added to your account. You have to enter your mobile number. After logging in, a code sent to your mobile number, you have to put the code to log in. Step 1: Log in to your gmail account. Step 2: Click on the...
How does Google Works (Pagerank) ?

How does Google Works (Pagerank) ?

It’s all about Pagerank and Pagerank is all about SEO. A website which has a very good SEO, the site will grow faster because its PageRank will be the 1st on google page ranking.